To the editor:
Two themes appearing in a lot of ads in recent weeks are 1. Funding for education and 2. Compassion and women’s health-funding. There is a connection.
In Michigan, funding for the K-12 years is based upon the annual classroom “count.” Aty dollars per head, the amount for schools is based on that count, and it’s falling. Yes, private and parochial schools, and home-schools may have an effect on the count, but they aren’t “new” to the question. While legalized abortion the last 45 years has eliminated over 61,000 ,000 future student/citizens, it’s the missing potential parents who would be between the ages of 25 and 45 today who aren’t forming families and producing the children for today’s school populations that must be taken into account. Yes, yet another consequence of abortion.
Compassion is defined as “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” While this has been related to the right to abortion aspect of women’s healthcare funding, where is the “compassion” for the tiny babies being denied the right to life in the womb? Scalded to death; dismembers; and even almost fully delivered and then attacked by scissors or other tools to lose their brains? All this so that mother doesn’t have to experience a few months of inconvenience? A lifetime is denied for the infant with generations of consequences for society as a whole. Yes, we really do need compassion.
The life of this country, its schools, economy, employees and workers, even the citizen pool for leadership depends upon life. Support it and protect it. Vote Pro-Life in this and every election. Vote Republican and save our Democracy n the Republic.

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