Commissioners have money

To the editor:
After attending the County Commissioners monthly board meeting on September 18 and reading the newspapers about how the county is trying to borrow money from a bank in North Carolina to renovate the Three Rivers Inn for the Commission On Aging, everyone needs to understand the 2017 County Audit showing how they have over 11 million dollars invested to draw interest income. With the hurricane hitting North Carolina dumping large amounts of rain causing severe flooding all over the state destroying homes and businesses, I cannot believe any bank in North Carolina has any extra money to lend the St. Joseph County Commissioners. President Trump has been watching the storm ready to help with Federal Aid. Should not the County Commissioners use the taxpayers money they have collected and earned to help the Commission On Aging renovate the building in order to stop the COA from needing to ask for more millage to pay for the repairs? With the economy doing so well I can’t believe no bank in the State of Michigan does not have money to loan them.

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