Cast your ballot in favor of Fred Upton

To the editor:
I want to express my support of the Honorable Congressman Fred Upton. Fred has represented me for a long time. In an era of discontentment with our leaders, longevity can be a good thing. I have known him in a variety of different ways and have appreciated his service.
I am a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to all the demands on Fred’s time, he never misses the opportunity to participate in the formation of our scouts’ development in the area of Citizenship. Personal letters back and encouragement is the normal reply from Fred.
Meeting our students for tours and talks on 8th grade trips to Washington DC and such, is another way I see Fred function as a personable, approachable, servant who will make time for even our youth.
I also appreciate Fred’s influence in major topics of national importance. His diligent, bipartisan work on bills such as 21st Century Cures Act, demonstrates his commitment to trying to better all our lives. Working to protect our Great Lakes is another noble and important effort for which I will ever appreciate his service. There are obviously too many for me to list!
Lastly, while Fred’s record alone is enough reason to cast my ballot for him, I also believe he is the best candidate. I have trust issues with others and do not appreciate being misled, if not simply lied to, about life accomplishments and experiences.
I believe Fred Upton is the best vote for the 6th District Congressional seat and I ask that, with me, you cast your ballot in favor of Fred Upton.
God Bless,

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