To the editor:
Several million years ago a genetic change gave humans an advantage over the existing bonobos. Our ancestors developed opposable thumbs, walked upright, and developed a throat that permitted speech. Combined with an advanced brain they became masters of their environment.
The environment provided everything that they needed for a very comfortable life. They had no idea that this situation would ever change. There were probably less than one million humans then. There are now over seven and one-half billion people. Over the years the population became, for various reasons, more centralized. Small groups that were independently self-sufficient became large groups that were dependent on many others for their survival. These other groups used this dependency to become very wealthy.
With this wealth they were able to finance extraction of the wealth of the earth never envisioned by early man. In the last century scientists realized that this extraction could not continue without dire consequences. Because of greed these extractors continued their activities. Hopefully, we the people can start using our brains to restrain the activities that are threatening our civilization.    

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