Basic Michigan voter rights

To the editor:
There has been confusion on Michigan Voter Rights this year for the Nov. 8 election. I would like to reiterate the basic Michigan Voter Rights:
1. You DO NOT need a drivers license or photo ID to vote in Michigan. You can vote a regular ballot. You will be required to sign your name on an affidavit on the back of your application, but you can vote if your name is in the poll book. If not in the poll book, you can vote a provisional ballot, that may be verified later.
2. You can vote a straight ticket, and vote for candidates of another party.
3. If your ballot gets rejected, ask for a new one.
4. You can take a list of candidates into the voting booth, but do not leave it there.
5. If you are in line by 8 p.m. you have the right to vote.
6. If you are not in jail serving a sentence, you can vote if you are registered.
It is so important to vote. If you do not vote your voice is not heard.

Marlene Deming
Secretary, Cass County Democratic Party


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