Are you going to reward ‘nice’ Fred again?

To the editor:
For decades the Republican Party courted people who cared nothing about civility and decency in this country.
The Republican National Committee pandered to mouthy flame-throwers like Rush Limbaugh who destroyed all sense of decorum that once served as a guide for respectable Republicans and Democrats in Congress.
People like Karl Rove and Roger Ailes created the climate for the rise of Donald Trump.
I am sure that “nice” Fred Upton is horrified at what has happened to the party of Lincoln. But make no mistake about it — “nice” Fred stood mute while America was being torn apart.
That is why “nice” Fred is running away from facing Paul Clements, the most honorable and impressive man ever to challenge him for the Sixth Congressional seat in Congress.
Your vote for Clements will be your statement that you are “Fred-up” with all the bitterness and rancor that is hurting America. “Nice” Fred had his chance to speak out against this vitriol. He took a pass. As a voter, are you going to reward “nice” Fred — again?

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