Americans should not be complacent

To the editor:
It was a stunning victory for Donald Trump in a historic election. The only election coming close to this was Ronald Reagan’s first election in 1980.
This election, we saw the destruction of the establishments of both major parties; the media establishment; the globalist establishment; and the Clinton political/criminal empire.
Besides Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media (MSM) was the biggest loser election night. Never in history had the MSM banded so tightly together with the single goal in mind of completely destroying one man’s political campaign. They were ruthless as they used every diabolical trick in the book to defeat Trump. But, the American people completely saw through it. Americans just got fed up with the political elite establishment getting away with corruption and criminality.
Like Ronald Reagan was, Donald Trump is an outsider not controlled by the establishment. The establishment was convinced that Hillary would win so Trump’s victory came as a total shock to them. Donald Trump defied all odds and won. He showed a lot of courage to stand up to the establishment.
I hope everyone around him comprehends the threat level that Donald Trump is now living under and will do everything possible to protect him. We need to be praying for Trump’s safety, because the power elite would not hesitate to assassinate him if they felt he was a genuine threat to their globalist agenda and that killing him was the only way they could stop him. Remember, Reagan was shot just 70 days after assuming office.
Seek God and pray for America. The Bible says in 1 Timothy 2:2 to pray for all those in authority. Bad government happens when we fail to seek God.
Americans should not be complacent, for we have an opportunity to get back the government our Founders gave us.

Ken Blinco
Shipshewana, Ind.

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