Aaron Miller, a true leader

To the editor:
Aaron Miller has done a fine job representing the 59th State House District in Lansing. He is one of the hardest working, most sincere, conscientious statesmen I have ever known. I have total confidence in Aaron’s desire and ability to do what he believes is best for our district. Based on his long list of endorsements and supports, many others agree.
Miller is a balanced, sincere Christian man that is active in his community. He demonstrated such a fine work ethic as a teacher that multiple schools wanted his services. He has taught in both Michigan and Indiana, observing the best of both systems and will promote the best in education. While Miller is a life-long resident of the 59th House District, he is willing to learn from anywhere in an effort to offer the best solutions. After years of legislative stalemate, Miller contributed to finally passing meaningful road funding. One former State House candidate has attempted to use all the above in an effort to mislead and confuse voters. Perhaps, that is why Miller beat him 63-37 percent in the last election? One of the most outrageous recent statements is that Miller is a “Career Politician.” That would be quite a trick considering he has not yet even completed his first term! Some people will say anything.
“Miller is a nice guy. He’s personable with a ready handshake, a million-dollar smile, an adorable daughter and a lovely wife” to quote one detractor. Somehow, these all seem like good things to me. Don’t allow his record to be twisted or confused. If you have any questions for Representative Miller, simply contact him. He will happily answer your questions and listen to your thought, ideas and concerns. In a recent forum, Miller stated that he is intent on continuing to, “Remain a continual learner.” That is a sign of a true leader. Miller has my continued support on Nov. 8!

Rodney Chupp


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