‘Digging deep’ for future generations

To the editor:
Let’s support our children and grandchildren by voting “Yes” on the Glen Oaks Community College mileage request on the Nov. 6 ballot.
As a grandmother, I long to find and support ways to lower the expenses of my grandchildren who will soon be faced with adult decisions. When it comes to the decision about a college education, I believe our local community college offers them a goldmine. With careful planning, today’s high school students and graduates can earn two years of college for very little out of pocket costs to them or their families. I want to make sure this opportunity continues or expands in the future.
I recently toured the new student housing on the Glen Oaks campus, which is close to full capacity. It is a beautiful facility; built with a low-interest government loan that will be paid off by residence fees. Our property taxes did not pay for its construction. It was a needed addition since there is very little housing stock available in the area and many students want the experience of living independently.
For many years, I took Glen Oaks for granted and didn’t pay attention to what it provided and what it needed. But, now I realize how much it currently lacks in energy efficiencies, handicap accessibility, and safety features. I see how outdated the facilities are for technology and workforce training programs. I believe now is the time to address these weaknesses because it will only cost more if we delay.
I know that some homeowners will have to dig deep to find the extra dollar or two per month for the next five years to fund these basic improvements to our local college. “Digging deep” is what we have always done for future generations. We need to do it again. And, the payoff in the near and distant future will be huge. I will vote “Yes” on the Glen Oaks mileage increase, and I encourage you to vote “Yes,” too.

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