‘A need for sharing and caring’

To the editor:
As you were driving past the
First United Methodist Church on
North Main Street maybe you’ve
seen the box on a post (I hope you
weren’t texting!) The box is the
“sharing box,” sponsored by the
church. It is a part of a community
project for the benefit of anyone
who is in need of an immediate
source of food.
We are inviting Three Rivers
citizens to help with the project by
donating food, or money to
purchase food, to supply the sharing
box. Donations of food or money
may be dropped off at the church,
or by contacting a member of the
congregation or Reverend Keefer.
Someone will even pick up
contributions from you if you are
not able to transport the items.
As a teacher I have seen how
hunger affects our youth. Without
adequate food students are anxious,
fearful and unable to concentrate,
as well as being physically
malnourished. A senior citizen
myself, I have also witnessed how
hunger affects adults who don’t
have enough money to buy food.
They also fear the future, are unable
to live meaningful lives, as well as
being undernourished.
Without throwing a stack of
statistics in front of you, I think you
can agree there is a need for sharing
and caring in our community. I
hope you will decide to join us.

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