A new pharmacy is coming to town

By Samantha May
Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS — Scratch the big chain pharmacies and receive a quick and reliable fill on your prescriptions at the new Three Rivers Pharmacy opened on Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018 at 9 am.
Three Rivers Pharmacy manager/owner Sunil Patel said the Three Rivers Pharmacy takes pride in standing out from the big chain pharmacies by providing a full service pharmacy with low prices, short wait times, one-on-one consultations and a delivery service to ensure quality timeliness.
“There is quite a few services we provide that will help patients in a lot of different ways. We have more authority to do what we want to do, to help the patients. In chain pharmacies, they have so many limitations and different policies, but we would be doing whatever is possible for people to get the best service. I want to do much more, I want to help patients for everything,” Patel said.
He said a “main part” and highlight to the new pharmacy is the opportunity to receive medication by delivery at no charge to the patient. Some patients wait two to three weeks to receive mail-order prescription refills, Three Rivers Pharmacy guarantees quick delivery services, as long as two days on rare occasions.
Patel said being conveniently located on US-131 would also be a benefit to patients in the hospital at Three Rivers Health. If they are unable to move or drive, Three Rivers Pharmacy can deliver their prescription refill for them. Patel has the goal of expanding deliver to Kalamazoo, Portage and Schoolcraft, at about a 15-20 mile radius from Three Rivers.
“We will have a deliver driver who would be delivering in the area. It is a very important thing for any patient to get what they need very easy if they don’t have access to transportation,” Patel said.
Another benefit at Three Rivers Pharmacy is combating with the high insurance rates or co-pays. As the years go on, Patel said insurance is becoming hard to afford and leaving patients in a “donut hole,” being unable to afford medication. At Three Rivers Pharmacy, Patel works to keep prices down to satisfy his customers.
“We can help them with a very good rate to make the medication more affordable,” Patel said.
Prescriptions, compounding prescriptions, OTC, vitamins, herbals, other medical supplies and pet medicine are available at the pharmacy. Patel grew up around pharmacists and prides himself in ensuring quality care to his patients, now at his own pharmacy.
Patel was born and raised in Mehsana, Gujarat, India and said “pharmacists run in the family.” When his father owned his pharmacy in India, Patel became “eager to help people,” and received his bachelors and masters degrees in pharmaceuticals. He began working as a Pharmacy Professor in the College of Pharmacy in India until he moved to the United States in January 2007.
He moved to the Kalamazoo area in May 2009, where he became a registered pharmacist and worked at large chain store pharmacies in the Kalamazoo, Portage, Three Rivers and Plainwell locations. He decided it was time to do more for the customers and now, owns his own pharmacy, which opened Tuesday, Jan. 2.
Patel will host a grand opening in late February to celebrate with snacks and coffee.
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