Women on the Go Profile: Jodie Walker

William A. Baltz
Special to the Commercial-News

Name: Jodie Walker
Age: 38
Status: Single, no children
Occupation: Owner of Jaywalker Restaurant
Avg. Hours exercise per week: 7-12
Motto: There is no try. You do or you don’t. Just do it!
“I was getting beat up badly by other swimmers—lots of them on top of me and all around,” says Jodie Walker, recalling her second full Ironman triathlon, this one in Louisville, where she and other athletes took on the Ohio River for the required 2.4-mile swim. “I was panicking, my heart rate was up. I swam off to the side and promised myself—if I just get through this I won’t make myself do a full one again.”
Jodie kept her promise, at least half way. She regularly competes in half Ironman triathlons, most recently finishing the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Traverse City and the Ironman 70.3 Wisconsin in June.
The accomplished athlete has competed in many other long-distance races, including the Boston and Chicago marathons, and a 30-mile trail run in Wisconsin.
In addition to athletic competitions, she’s always on the lookout for ways to satisfy her thirst for adventure—from cycling the backroads of Costa Rica and Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming to traversing Iowa where she biked with her stepfather and friends some 460 miles across the state as part of an annual RAGBRI event there. “I was amazed at how hilly Iowa is. There’s nothing else like it. They shut down the roads for around 20 thousand bicycle riders. Then I flew to Hawaii and did a back roads bike trip by myself. I biked 112 miles one day. I started in the volcano area, then was in cattle country, then rain forests and finished my bike ride by the lava fields. It was incredible.”

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