Third phase of Centreville Public Schools bond project kicks off

CENTREVILLE — The Centreville Board of Education received a pre-planning presentation for the third phase of its bond project during their regular meeting Monday.
Shawn Parshall and Jim Ross from the TowerPinkster architectural firm and Scott Jernberg from the Triangle Associates construction company gave the presentation, which officially kicked off phase three of the district’s approximately $12.8 million bond project. The presentation laid the groundwork for a timeframe for when planning begins for the third phase of the project.
“One of the first phases is to sit back and circle back with you about the last year and what’s been accomplished, and we want to make sure we’re prioritizing and packaging the projects how you and the community want to see,” Parshall said.
Parshall said the planning phases will start with validating the scope of the project, which is an opportunity for TowerPinkster to sit with the board to talk about the project and the roadmap for it before planning begins. After that, according to the timeline provided by TowerPinkster, a series of design and budget stages will commence. According to the timeline, the entire planning phase of phase three is expected to last until early December of 2020.
Jernberg discussed the budget for phase three during his part of the presentation. He said part of his job as senior project manager is to help keep the district on track budget-wise, saying they sometimes have to be the “black cat in the room” and say their budget is tight or something needs to be adjusted.
“As we start to look at the parts and pieces, we’re doing a double-check of the budget to make sure we’re keeping you on the path, keeping us all moving in the same direction, that we’re not dreaming that we’re going to something we can’t afford or that we know we won’t be successful with,” Jernberg said. “We want you to be successful and move forward with this.”
Jernberg said, because of how the market has changed in terms of prime bidding dates, by November or December a year from now, they will be approving a budget package that “gives [them] the most access to contractors out there before their workloads fill up,” and said the schedule given to them “outlines the game plan.”

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