Something’s brewin’ in downtown Three Rivers

THREE RIVERS — Layers of brick line the walls, wooden panels cover the floor, and modern granite tops the bar. The oldest building in downtown Three Rivers is now the home to Kelsey Block Brewing Company.
Kelsey Block opened for business on March 18 and so far, so good. Chief Brewing Officer and General Manager Jerry Barkley is enjoying his time downtown and said he’s been “fortunate” thus far.
“A lot of people who live downtown come in pretty often,” Barkley said. “So yeah, I get a good chance to truly get to know them.”
Barkley said opening up the brewery in the oldest building in downtown Three Rivers matches the type of style he wants for his business.
“I think it is a really nice aspect of what we are trying to do with our environment here, we want that kind of old, comfortable, come in and sit down and be at home kind of feeling, and I think that this old historic spot really helps produce that,” Barkley said.
Barkley started his hobby of home brewing in his driveway in 1998. He started realizing the potential and said, “let’s see if we can actually get a project started,” then Kelsey Block was born.
Barkley said Kelsey Block differs from other microbreweries because of his traditional ways of brewing. He uses traditional recipes and ingredients, as opposed to what he calls the “experimental” ways.
“A lot of small breweries do what I call experimental brewing, trying out a whole bunch of different fluids and recipes, we are sticking to traditional types of brewing and that is not the trend,” Barkley said.
Kelsey Block brews specifically Ales, by choice, as opposed to lager. Barkley said he sticks to the British/American style ales that include a wide variety of stronger brews and lesser hops.
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