Road Commission gives permission for use of right-of-way for Broadway trail

CENTREVILLE — The St. Joseph County Road Commission unanimously passed a resolution during their meeting Wednesday that gives permission for the use of part of their right-of-way on Broadway Road outside of Three Rivers for the creation of the Meyer Broadway Trail.
Road Commission Manager John Lindsey said the trail has been in the works for the last few years, and is currently slated to go down Broadway Road, ending at Meyer Broadway Park. Because that stretch of Broadway Road between the Three Rivers city limits and the park is under the purview of the road commission, the commission would have to give permission for the use of part of their right-of-way on the north side of the road to build that portion of the trail.
Commissioner Vince Mifsud asked if engineers have been out to the area to “make sure weird things don’t happen.” Road Commission Engineer Garrett Myland said the engineers for the project, Hurley & Stewart, have already had a general information (GI) meeting, and “they have all their monies ready.”
“One of the reasons we’ve waited so long is because it’s changed locations so much, we didn’t want to make a resolution to go down Millard and then change it,” Myland said. “Now that they’ve had their GI and they have a full set of plans, we figured it was appropriate at this time to bring it up.”
Myland said the road commission is making sure the 10-foot-wide trail wouldn’t impede too heavily into their right-of-way.
“We’ve made sure they’re pushed all the way to the edge of the right-of-way because Broadway is a busy road and we wanted to prepare for future expansion. Not quite yet, but Broadway is going to need to be widened at some point,” Myland said. “Even when we widen it out, there should be enough space for the trail to meet engineering criteria for separation between the two.”
The resolution, Lindsey said, states that the city would notify the road commission of any construction activities after the installation of the trail, and that the city has agreed to maintain the trail in the right-of-way at no cost to the road commission.
Commissioner Rodney Chupp asked if the road commission is giving up any legal rights in regards to the right-of-way, and Lindsey said they’re giving permission, and not any ownership of the entire right-of-way. Chupp said, overall, he was excited for the trail.
“I’m absolutely excited for having these opportunities, particularly for youth to be able to get out in a safe manner, be outdoors and exercise and move around,” Chupp said. “I’m totally behind it.”

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