Hope and Recovery

THREE RIVERS — Riverside Church hosted a Voices of Hope and Recovery night on Thursday, Feb. 28, which focused on testimonials from people in the St. Joseph County area who were addicted to drugs and alcohol and, with help, got sober.
The event was opened by a presentation by Barbara Howes, program coordinator of the Swift and Safe Sanctions Probation Program (SSSPP) at the St. Joseph County Adult Drug Treatment Court. Her presentation talked about what the court does and how it uses the theory of therapeutic jurisprudence to “use the law for healing purposes.”
“We need to not just help the person in front of us to change, we need to help the system to change, too,” Howes said.
The presentation focused on the stages of change for both people and the legal system: Pre-contemplation, contemplation, planning and preparation, action, maintenance, and relapse. As for relapses, Howes said, “It’s something that can happen in a big way or in small ways at any time. We need to plan to prevent it, but we also need to plan how we’re going to react to it.”

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