An honest, personal narrative

The Lucky Dutch coming to Riviera Theatre on June 3

THREE RIVERS — The Lucky Dutch, an American-Roots rock band from Illinois, promises to provide its audience with an honest and personal narrative, when it performs at the Riviera Theatre on Saturday, June 3.
The band was formed in Chicago in 2008 by guitarist Nathan Graham and singer Claire Corriveau, a Grand Rapids native. Bass player David Padula and drummer Ben Dacoba round out the talented quartet.  
Graham, who has been performing on the Chicago blues scene since he was 15-years-old, has worked with blues legends Buddy Guy and B.B. King, and has toured extensively with Carl Weathersby. Graham said his band’s performance will be honest, and feature origin stories for many of their songs.
“It’s gonna be a lot of fun. There’s gonna be some tender moments, a lot of honesty,” Graham said. “Every once in a while we’ll stop and tell stories about the songs that we’ve written. We like to give people the origin story of a lot of our songs because that’s kind of how we learned to write songs.”
The band’s sound is “heavily blues influenced” with “some country leanings,” according to Graham. He added that Led Zeppelin’s music is a good comparison in terms of style.
Graham said the band has performed in Michigan on a number of occasions but never in Three Rivers. He said they’re “very excited to play for new people.”
“Honestly, every time we’ve played in front of a new group of people we’ve always won them over, even if they didn’t know who we were or never heard our music,” The Lucky Dutch guitarist said. “We’re very high energy, very excited to play for new people and we definitely talk to everybody at the end of the show.
“If people want to come talk to us, if people want to buy an album or talk to us about what we’re doing right now, in the sense that we’re playing shows, and what kind of fuels us to keep going, (they can). We sit there, we talk to everybody. We really want to connect with the fans because we want to know what you think of the show, whether it’s good or bad.”
The Lucky Dutch’s show will begin at 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 3 in the Riviera Theatre Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door for $10.
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