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THREE RIVERS – Three Rivers has a music scene, and one local musician has started to make it blossom.
A native of Three Rivers, R&B/Hip-Hop artist Mitchell Moore released his debut album, Love Waves, on Feb. 11. It features 10 tracks of varying styles, rhythms and beats, and has gotten critical acclaim from the local community.
However, to say Moore has taken an interesting route prior to releasing his first album is an understatement.
After graduating from White Pigeon High School in 2014, Moore studied at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, and later moved to Chicago to study there. Moore said one year in Chicago helped him focus his perspective on school, work, and music as a whole.
“The year before my second year in Chicago, I failed a class and got a C. That’s not usual for me, since I was honor roll and National Honors Society in high school,” Moore said. “I went back my sophomore year, focused on school and work, and I got straight A’s. That year, I also started taking music production a little more seriously, and started making full compositions.”
After Moore went to Chicago, he learned more about music production from Soul Sonix Studios in New Orleans.
“I went down there as Soul Sonix was becoming an established entity, and I learned a lot from those producers and the talent out there,” Moore said. “I got my foot in the door with the industry, performing, and producing and composing, and it’s evolved from there.”
As a child, Moore was always fascinated by music, having grown up in the choir and church scenes, as well as experimenting with different instruments. However, Moore always wanted to do more with music.
“I always had a vision of creating a platform where I could impact people,” Moore said. “As I lived my life and experienced adversity, I felt really bad, and I wanted to help out people even more. I knew I would impact the world in whatever I did, but creating music resonated with me and I found therapy and a haven in creating music as an outlet to express myself with that part of me.
“I think my upbringing has brought me to being able to express myself in that way, and I’m always searching for new ways to relate with people and bring the world together,” Moore said. “I feel like I’m in a position to impact folks.”
Moore said music is extremely important not just as entertainment, but as something essential for life.
“Everyone loves music, it’s essential to human existence, it’s therapeutic and it’s celebratory. There are so many emotions in music,” Moore said.
The idea for Love Waves came about after Moore had been going through different ideas for albums.
“I’m always conceptualizing album ideas, many of which weren’t released or finished, and I might’ve moved on to another idea, but Love Waves was something I was thinking about one or two years ago,” Moore said. “I wanted to make music that was empowering, inspiring, and something that resonated with people and help unify them.”
One of the tracks that resonates with that core message is “THRILL,” a song about doubt, loss and loving one another, which Moore dedicated to his friend, the late Elijah Hamilton.
“When I started Love Waves, I was printing t-shirts and he was doing Hammer Apparel and Motivational Mondays. We were going to do a video for Motivational Mondays talking about the album, and he was one of the few people that knew about it before it came out,” Moore said. “We never got around to it; he sent me a text message his last day on Earth, and said, ‘Sorry we won’t be able to work together on what we said we would work on. Stay consistent, keep pushing, and you’ll do some great things.’”
Moore said Hamilton’s death impacted him emotionally, but the words of encouragement he gave helped motivate him to complete the album.
“It was a reassuring text, because at the time, I was on a hiatus of creation and feeling discouraged,” Moore said. “I felt like I wanted to re-do the production on it, and I was still working on Love Waves, and feeling stuck. I was taking tracks off the album and I was starting over and not working on it as much. That encouragement he gave got me motivated to work on the album again and work with more artists on creating it. It pushed me to finalize the tracks and finish the album.
“Throughout the process, I felt his presence and I feel grateful for the energy, presence, and inspiration. I wanted to carry on that legacy he had, and this is just a part of it,” Moore said. “That song was really reflective of the album, and was one of the ones where I wanted to have resonate with people.”
Overall, Moore said, the album is designed to help foster connection in an era of disconnect.
“I feel like we live in an era of disconnect, where we’re so connected in terms of mobility, but there’s a feeling of disconnect if you’re sitting in a room and people are on their phones,” Moore said. “It’s an interesting time we live in, and I think it’s important we hold on to the humanity of connection and loving one another and a way of being present.”
Love Waves is available to stream for free on all major services, including Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, and Google Play.
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